Commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance

Bajrang International Group is fully committed to Corporate Governance across all aspects of this business, especially where the promoters and the employees are working as a family.

Strong and effective corporate governance helps to cultivate the culture of integrity, loyalty & leads to positive performance for a sustainable business. Essentially, it exists to increase the accountability of all the individuals and teams within the company, working to avoid mistakes before they can even occur. - Jayesh Patel (Group CEO)

Sustainability Framework


    Livelihood Creation & Community Development

  • Local Employment
  • Skilled Local Employment
  • Local Jobs based on Value Addition vs. Pure Exports
  • Training & Development
  • Community Programmes
  • Smallholder & Indirect Impact
  • Responsible Tax Citizen
  • Export Proceeds Benefiting FX

    Production & Distribution of Healthy & Nutritious Food

  • Vegetarian Friendly Protein Production
  • Fortification of Food Staples
  • Products Created & Sold Locally
  • Products Priced Competitively & Affordable for the Masses, whilst being Commercially Viable & Profitable

    Responsible & Sustainable Production

  • Crops Sourced Locally
  • Education of Smallholders on Responsible Farming Practices
  • Products Sold Locally vs. Import Model
  • Reduction of Post-harvest Losses


BIG has planned to adopt a whole village in Africa.

We aim to take up all development projects of the community. Our desire is to improve the living condition of the communities by improving the infrastructure, building a police unit to increase security and improve mental wellbeing of the residents of the village. Our priority is to uplift the local smallholders and it is important for their welfare to improve their living conditions.

Furthermore, each BIG business is engaged with local NGO’s and other community forums (e.g. charities), and by the way of donations of various items such as medical beds, medical equipment, food parcels, etc to support their ongoing needs as well as for emergency responses.